Sunday, July 13, 2014

Testing of the link prargrph, typo textual,, ugh

Dear readers,

I have just written several long emails and my getting better left hand is been pushed to the max bit, it will be sore, is sore, the tendons where I used to be able to sustain a heavy flow of speed on the keys, has been in throttle down or off mode so long, these might be new connections being made.

Then if the this line don't space I will be mad.

As If I stopped posting here that longmonths ago because of it anyway wasn't bad enough

I want to post and get back into the game of downloading my thoughts and pointless rifts and drifts to the things that aren't be could be.

Recentlly posted a whole BioWebscape design concept to a yahoo article, but seeing as I was given financial advice, I just didn't think about linking me to me, lol, oh well, off to test this post,

Hi there this is a test.

If this were a real test-case-code lock down,

You'd not be reading this.


Christ's peace to you all
Ps, Hi Julia, hugs..


Blogger Charles Edward Owens Jr. said...

happppppy happpy paragraph breaks finally

4:57 AM  

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