Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another day Another somthing or other

Cell Phones are great, they are also Useless. If I have it in my pocket someone can call me and chat, if it is on the night stand, they can still call me but they only chat for about a minute to my voicemail. Then after about 20 calls they get irate and want to hit me for not being there for them. Oh but you say they will save your butt if you are out somewhere and need to call for help, only if you charged it in the last little while, or you have not drowned it, or dropped it. Oh and by the way, getting one on a cheap plan works only if you don't keep it past those few months of the cheap plan's pricing, then the cost goes up. But you say you only buy minutes, well what if you use them all up talking to telemarketers then when you need them you have to go buy more minutes.

Okay enough "I hate the limitations of cell phones", maybe this is all from my calling my 3rd x-wife today and getting nothing but her voicemail all day. Maybe it is because I can't stand walking down the sidewalk thinking someone is talking to me, only to realize they are having a conversation with themselves it seems, nothing but bags in their hands, oh and that funky ear thingy.

They are great when you need a handy Calculator. Or a night light in a dark room. Or a paperwieght in a heavy wind.

I don't text on them, I also don't text/chat online. I don't have a MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter page. I do have a Blog, "Looks around notices the odd posts around me and shudders a bit" . What is to happen when half our power goes out in the next icestorm this winter?

Though I don't have cable, or watch TV in the traditional sense, I do watch DVD's and Videos, and go to Hulu and watch old shows, or some that Sci-Fi (sic SyFy) has on there, also some PBS shows and even a few current runs on other channels. I do listen to radio online, I do post to forums on several different sites. Hey I even read books from time to time. How many people do that anymore?

Well enough of my babbling for now, go read something more interesting over on Twitter, I am sure you want to know what your next door neighbor had for breakfast yesterday when he got up at 3 am.

Charles E. Owens Jr.


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