Sunday, September 16, 2007

September Blues and Clues

September that long slow month when School really starts for us old timers, the Fall weather starts to happen, and the clues to our existance really start hitting us again after the long summer months.

I have 3 clues, and I am selling them to the highest bidder!! Okay I have no clues, really, but if I had any clues I would be selling them because I need the money. On Sept 11th I wrecked my van. On Sept 13th I found out my 3rd ex-wife whom I intend on getting remarried to at some future date, was in the Hospital again due to her heart giving her the troubles it has been causing her for the last 2 years or so, more so in the last year than anytime else. As it now stands she is going to have surgery and they are going to do something to her that she nor I know to much about, I will let you all know in time to send her gobs of flowers and cards and such. Just send them to Baptist Memorial North Little Rock Arkansas 72117 in care of Barbara Kay Owens, She still has that name even though we are devorced.

I have my two feet as transportation devices and I will get some use out of them sooner rather than later. I have been trying to get my hindquarters in gear about running for President in 2008, most of my family thinks I am crazier than a 3 dollar Loonie, but I have had several people ask for my web-site address and even tell me they would vote for me. So I guess I had better find out what the states require for me to be a write in for them. I know some only allow it if I am the holder of X number of signatures of their voting public, while others do not require anything but a valid US citizenship and having at least 3 brain cells. If any of you folks out there have clues let me know.


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