Thursday, September 06, 2007

Recycle your life away

Today the wilds of the world were totally zoned out, it had rained 2 days straight and I have been so thankful for that rain even though I drove over 275 miles in those 2 days and was in and out of my van in the wet all day both those days. The state and especially the "Right Here" in my yard was bone dry and even the water from the faucet was getting dusty.

The wilds of today were filled with sunshine and the bueatiful moggy feeling that the after rain party always feels like in the deep south. The odometer reads 339 miles today and I am getting ready to wonder how much fuel left I have out of this tank to go in the morning because I am about to get back into it and hit the roads again.

One thing that I have realized that I wanted to get out of my head onto a hunk of paper and let everyone read about, was that I have been recycling all my life.

You do it because you want to save the planet in most cases, or you have been taught it is a good idea because you need to save money and that is the only way you can save money is if you wash off those paper plates and use them again for dinner too. No joke, I know someone that washs off the Poly-Oil Plates that she buys and uses, for the next time she is going to eat off them, then when they are used twice, they cover things in her microwave, or do something else useful around the house. That is what we call frugal. She grew up during the Great Depression, we use that excuse to keep the guys that want to put her away in the padded rooms happy.

I recycle cause I want to save the Universe.

I figure if I don't recycle who will, I have to start the trend and get this ball rolling. 13 Billion years old and the Universe is getting used up already, if we don't start recycling soon, it will all get wasted on, well, Um It will get wasted, enough said.

Then a friend told me that Earth was only about 4 billion years old and the Sun just a few billion years older than that. Wow, young pups. Someone must have washed those poly-hydro plates for a while before they finaly got used to fill in the earthen landfill down the bend at Milky Way Gardens.

Recycle your life away, the Universe is running out of spare things I heard just the other day that it is shrinking and not only that, something even more dire is going on. Someone has been throwing things out there and no one knows what the heck it is. They call it Dark Matter. Trash, just another word for trash I say. We here in my household have been recycling to save the Universe and here I find out that someone has be cluttering up the place with Dark Matter trash and it is taking up more room than they ever thought it could. Wow, I bet someone is going to have to pay for this!


On a side note, Someone needs to e.mail GOD and tell him to get busy, It is his turn to take the trash out.



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