Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Poem for her 238

Dear Readers,


Her universe slides into mine
Interlaced with skin that feels
The touch of my hands
When I am not there to actually touch
Interlaced fingers where one finger
Is understood to be both ours
We can't tell where one ends
We skin deep go further
Ideas and thoughts mingle
Feelings flow into the same cup
The universe is not just a water balloon
But the water and the cloud it came from
Red the color of the cloth held water
The bunny on the dew covered clover
The wings of sweet somethings jumping
Forward into the Air filled with Nothings
All of them saying in our voices
I Love You and then sliding to depths
On our skin exposed at the interlace zone
She is tired now and wants to cuddle
So in a few seconds I will slide my Left-
Hand into hers and ask her that question
She knows the answer to the question
But I as yet don't know where it will flow
We might play the Darkness eyes open
And guide each other in a dance on dew
Or just Mei Fun on buttered toast egg on top
And one fork and one mug of coffee
But as always and forever I say

Happy Birthday Babe,



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