Saturday, July 08, 2017

Poem for her 228

Dear Readers,

Slow boil

Of desire as we sit there at two tables
Seeing each other but not at the same one
Sitting there in the library full of others
Sighing at the silence of the room
Knowing our minds are being filled
With louder sounds of singing and music
Sitting there dancing in our thoughts
As we gaze at each other and jump up
In our mind's eye as we dance the next number

Slowly dance and fast paced thoughts
Boiling over the table top at the
Library where we have to be and can
Only think the fast thoughts of hand in hand
And boiling touch of other's hand on side
The room grows faded still more and silent
As we sit and stare at each other and the
Heat of thoughts range up and down the
Soft embrace of her hand in mine

I know she'd kiss me long and longer still
I'd kiss her back and rub her shoulders
Bare under the touch of velvet hands
She'd arch her back and passion flow
The slow dance slowed to standing still
The music loud and the singing fill
Our minds as we sit there in the library
Two tables away but close at hand and
Deep in togetherness always and forever
Standing as one soul in the room

Happy Birthday Babe,



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