Saturday, July 08, 2017

Poem for her 227

Dear Readers,

Slow Saturday

When you want to be somewhere else
..But can't and the day wears on and on
When you can't seem to get the things done
..You'd like to do and the day wears on
..slowly in the wrong direction from where
..You'd wanted it to go
You could just grin and bare it or
Write a slow poem about it all

Or could just dream of other things
..Like things you'd rather do

Charcoal and lace the thoughts race
The beige bunny fast paces the floor
The ideas of a poem flow in the Place
Of the slow saturday where we didn't get
..what we wanted yet we can think of other
Things while we are waiting for them to happen

The tree cutting is a stand by thing
We load the logs for later use
We see the cabin in the vision of the day
Plan the weekend stay and hold fast
To the first dance in the morning dew
As the day wears on and on we hold
The hand of the other and dance
The night away into the dawn of
Soft red room glowing stars above

Happy Birthday Babe,



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