Saturday, July 01, 2017

Poem for her 218

Dear Readers,

Pool room Shark and the Girl.

The shark sat at a bar stool
He was chatting with the Girl
She was laughing and smiling and
She was having all the fun she could handle
Today was a very special day
She was being taken
To a pool hall
For the first time in a long time
Shark was there with the sticks
His both of them, but
Today she was carrying one of them
He had said she should play with both
But he had given her the other to carry
There on the table they were in cases
They were in cases and whispering
To each other the cases were
The sticks inside were also in the conversation
The Shark and the Girl were listening to them
But the others in the bar
Couldn't hear the soft voices of them
Shark was giving her a play by play
Of the way to play pool and
She giggled and pointed to the table
And there a Slinky was moving about the table
In rainbow colors and it is was singing
And then it went over the edge and
Did not fall off but was laughing at the fun
It was having
With them and the table

Happy Birthday Babe,



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