Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Poem for her 223

Dear Readers,

There on the couch,

She sits there on the couch or chair
Or there wherever she is in that thought
Of hers when she tells me her idea
Of what is going to happen when
When she has that first
Kiss after we see each other
This morning

Oh yes it could just be
Her rolling over just slightly and
Seeing me there as she opens her eyes
Or it could be as I place the breakfast tray
There for her to eat
Or we could be apart
And she sees me
Coming into the space she is in

It does not plan a mind made up to be
It is only a kiss for her to see
As she touches my lips slowly free
To do as she pleases
Without a plan for me to see
Only mind to know that I am there
Under the lips of her to be

Happy Birthday Babe,



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