Sunday, July 02, 2017

Poem for her 219

Dear Readers,

Velvet and the Red Hood

The softest touch over the red space
The gentle touch of soft hairs
The spaces gleamed with an inner glow
Flowing as if melting snow
Drip drip onto hot pavement
Subtle hint of coffee smell
And just one single drop of honey
Swirled into the cup and valley there
Soft wet dry sound like cat licking
But not a cat tongue
The inner warmth of red hued Hood

Climbing up the wall of ice
To shear drop off either side
The hint of lightening in the air
The sounds of quickened wind
The rustle of leaves and the pulled paper
The earthquake shaking of the cup and valley
Makes the ground call out groans
The land parts and finally the
Waters flow stops and silence
Is there but for the chimes

Happy Birthday Babe,



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