Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Poem for her 221

Dear Readers,

Adam n Eve 2.0

The garden was full of things growing
The flowers were there and the pond too
The pond here was not like the one at the cabin
It was smaller and had fish and a fountain
And wasn't for wading or swimming
But the Eden garden was still cool
Just not as big as the First one

She and I aren't named adam and eve
Her name you'll not know any time soon
But Charles is related to Adam
But even more than that My blog's title
Is from the story line
Churl dan Ur
And Adam was first then Churl
As the way names go
I have been Adam for years in story lines

So now we are here
Her and I in t he city house
Pond just there in t he plans drawn up
The garden and greenhouse and birds
The porch swing and us
Adam and Eve 2.0 in more than
Meets the poets breathlessness

Happy Birthday Babe,



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