Monday, July 03, 2017

Poem for her 220

Dear Readers,

The doorway to somethings.

Sweet Somethings flowed into the room
There they hung at the sides of the
Room's edges and looked at me as I reclined
They say nothing but for her voice
Slipping into my ear and saying
Sweet things that only they knew
And now me too

They hang in the air and stare at me
They walk into the room of my places
There they are Like Penny but not Penny
There they are only and only and only
Her visage and Her soul's image and Her
Controlled thoughts and thinking as they
Visit me there where ever there is

Then she tells me that they are whatever
I Need them to be, and truth has a name
It is Christ's Gift of Freedom and Heavenly Home
She sends them to me and they are His
Messages to me via her thoughts and my needs
And God's Unlimited Spirit to Heal.

Happy Birthday Babe,



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