Saturday, July 01, 2017

MesoFear and the MesoSphere

Dear Readers,

Story line time.

Mesofear walked into the bar. He was to be feared. Or he was to be loved. It all depended on whom you were. Males almost always, but not nearly always, just something about him drew the fears of Male-kind to fear him. Though always differently females just fawned over him though they might keep their distance they would all look to him with a mixture of lust, love and wanting, though they had nothing to Fear of him ever, though the males might not should of had any fear of him, they would fear him on a gut level even if they were not the object of his intense glaring eyes.

The MesoSphere was not part of this area but was there in the center of the Galaxy core or one of them anyway, it was a construction project of vast scale so vast of a scale that few knew how big it would get or how much time it would take to finish it. Though Mesofear was the Owner of the Project the Grand project that it was, he also did not know the full scale of the final finished product, just how big it was getting decade after decade century after century. It had been started so long ago that Mesofear did not know how to inform someone about it's beginnings, besides to say that he had been there in the beginning. Even before the first thoughts of the project was started and there were just Mesofear and the others there. But Mesofear was the only one there really the only one there ever in a vast starting time.

He was so old in his own mind that he had lost all context to time in any form other than being alive and that he would never in this realm die any known death.

Though he did wonder at times if when he finally got back to his home in the far away place that it was if he would one day die the death he used to know about, but times had changed so long all these years and eons of ages that he did not often think about death in any real terms.

But today in this bar he was seeking some answers and this place was oddly stranger than all his other encounters that he was thinking maybe here was the help he sought.

A young man walked up to him and said.

"Hi my name is Joey."


More later

May you all have the Peace of Christ the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings.



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