Thursday, June 29, 2017

Poem for her 216

Dear Readers,

The worry Not Knot Knock

Six days in daze on daisy
Wheeling at the wheel and the guy
That sat next to him a dozing Dude
Then the Car slammed into the truck
The toad tow truck towing a toaded toad in his toad-truck
Daisy sat up and thought Dude the Dead Head hood of Red is....

Here the three stood up and walked the rest of the
Way to the Ardougne market place
And the guy in the Rainbow cape was a Shark
And the girl in the was a winged beast
....But she loved Sharks eating people up and down
....the fire side chats and the drunken sailor parrot too
And then the stars go off and the scene flips on an
Hear the sirens call and the Rep was a Rep of the Warped
Wrapper of the Rapper of the Rap artist of the Part Two

This is a warning of the national joke warning system
If this had been a joke you would have been laughing
for a Long long long Russsssselll Branding and the
Hey get off my stage the
Penny fell to the ground and
Landed on her feet
The Hunger was a
The safe safe was a
The ................

End of line ditto
ditto dot dash slax slacers hey um
Tums and timing



Shhh On the set places every one
This is a dress reher Sallly you you get the light please

softly we hear the singing of the stage people and the lights
are brought up and then.........

Happy Birthday Babe,



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