Friday, June 30, 2017

Poem for her 217

Dear Readers,

Moon over the planet.

The velvet touch of the moon beam
Touched her skin just there
Set at edge of her neck and down the
Front of her and stopped at the collar
Bone was getting warm in the night air
Then the beam passes over her
Down the side of the tank top strap
And off to her side and into the trees
She stood and breathed in short
Breaths soft and sighing still

The moon beam stopped and paused and asked
Was that her? to the shadow of a man standing there
And the man nodded
Then the man walked into the Glade

She knew he was there
She could feel his skin
In her hands
All the time now
He touched her softly
All night long
Into the long drives to
And fro and then when she was

His voice just said her name
And the flow of it's banter
Soft and deep laughter
Purring growl of morning rough
Was kept near her lips bare
She wanted her hands in his hair

Then he was standing at her side
And intake short and fast
The air in the glade warmed and
Then his hand just touched
Her back and he leaned in
And she kissed him
As she had planned
All the week long
Before his
Visit due

Happy birthday Babe,



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