Monday, May 29, 2017

Poem for her 183

Dear Readers,

As the last note read this number 2 in the middle set, around the 6 month mark of post but not days. As the posts are a half years worth we still have until July 6th to mark the actual 6 months since I started the series. Some skipped days lots of multiple posts tend to add up oddly. So here goes today's next one.

She said something

Then smiled and wrote more
And then I red it in ink
That read lines and lines of
Non words just thoughts
To remember things by
To by two and then some
Three dressed shorts later
We still have a day
To kiss the night away
Then the flow of time
Picks back up again
Clocks restart
The world starts to
Turn just a bit
And the kiss
Lasts Forever
And Always

Happy Birthday Ba8e,



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