Monday, May 29, 2017

Poem for her 182

Dear Readers,

Part of a series of posts all about the thoughts about Her and her birthday and things and then a semi daily blog series to show others that She and I have this thing called............lots of stuff......and then more so too. these two posts though mark a full 6 months worth of what were otherwise going to be daily posts, but turned into a bit more intense writing abut life and things I thought about as She and I moved through life together. Recently I had a bunch of videos filming with my new flip phone, which has a better memory capacity than my old one, still a flip phone, but seemingly a bunch better than the other one, though a bit harder for me to use, which might just be the new electronics blues. But with it I took some videos while we were on a trip. And they are some nice bits of memory. In the one I just got finished watching I remind myself about this poem for her number mile mark, and thought I'd post while I was thinking about it all. So here goes Babe.

She is going to say Something

She smiled and repeated the words I said
She made me laugh at the brand of humor she has
It isn't the jaded one, but has a pun inside the jade
It is something to behold and write about
Posted to our notebook scrap book diary paper pages
It is filled with an intensity that only God knows
The depth and breadth of the layers inside it
Touching her smile on the electrons stored in my head
The biochemical pathways that imprint themselves
In layers of sweet nothings floating about her
The personal beings that are not created by me but
Which are able to be sent to cheer her up and
Get drawn on as the art work of our life is drawn
She has a smile that I can't get enough of
And kiss her whenever I can slowly and softly
The next trip we take will be in the summer
And though it was warm this one, it had chilly days too
So next time we will be bringing the Icebergs
Of another storyline I have in the blog
To cool the place off, summer clothes no coats
But more painted nails and smiles in the offing
More intense moments and lots of sweet nothings
Flowing about her as she reads these lines again.

Happy Birthday Babe,



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