Thursday, May 25, 2017

Poem for her 178

Dear Readers,

Having Heaven

It is on her license plate a few letters that said
Having Heaven not literally but at least when I saw them
The H and the V and the N where there, and then the
Time at the window when I waved at her was
My slice of time 52 mins after Midnight though in this case
Noon and still raining and still Always and Forever
Every second is Always and Forever just a new second of it
Every kiss, every hug, every smile, every sweet nothing
She and I have is Having Heaven for us.
She is dressed in Pink and black, and grey and purple and black
Was in green stripped and had coffee and toast and eggs
Is slowly dressed whenever I can and is slowly cooked for
We have slices of Heaven seconds and days that are longer than
The numbers on a clock face never going any where But always

Happy Birthday Babe,



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