Friday, May 26, 2017

Poem for her 179

Dear Readers,

She is

Awesome and sitting here writing in our diary
Fingers talking to my ears, and humming a tune
Graham crackers with butter and a coke

Wonderfully made and I like to put the
Tie dyed t-shirt on her and do more artwork on it
Paint her nails with music lyrics

My best friend who sees me in all my faults and
All the days I want to cook for her and see her
Smile and talk about the things we see or don't see

Writing sweet nothings to me and letting her
Imperfections stay on the page even though she is
Hard on herself as she does that too

Singing songs from game shows that we both know
And putting my glasses back down so I can see to
Type these lines for her and you all to read

Happy Birthday Babe



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