Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Poem for her 176

Dear Readers,

Video of Chocolate

She sat there with my hand in hers
She had a piece of chocolate in the other
And my hand was on that one too
We were slowly drawing the tip of the piece
Over a page in our notebook
The word Chocolate she had written there
Right then the smell of the chocolate was in the air
Then as she kept looking on, I turned on the video
Set to record her hand and mine
Then the set goes on and on
She knows what we talked about and knows that all is
Tasty on the notebook pages with other writings from the day
Soothing hands on sore shoulders and chinese noodles
Eggs for later and Graham crackers and butter
Singing and dancing and long long talks
Wine and her in my hands as we grow older and younger
The days are slow and her glow is bright and flows

Happy Birthday Babe,



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