Friday, May 05, 2017

Poem for her 154

Dear Readers,

Green Glasses

The Girl Looked at the book just placed in front of her
The Boy put it there but walked on by
The Library was full of students and teachers
The Girl smiled
The book was about gardening and Moss planting
The Boy was looking for more books when a hand tapped him
The book on the shelf beside him just placed there was
Telescopes and Stars, How to look for the things not seen.
They had interplay like this all day long
Till time to leave the library
Their bookbags full of of books they both would like
As that is how The Boy with Blue Glasses and
The Girl with Green Glasses got along
Finding things they both liked but doing it
For each other in a soft dance through libraries
Later the Breakfast tale was told
To The Girl on our porch swing
In the Cabin in the Woods
With One coffee Mug, one spoon and
A Kiwi Cut in half
Being fed to Each Other

Happy Birthday Babe



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