Sunday, April 30, 2017

Poem for her 150

Dear Readers,

Floods in the Area

The streets ran with water and the Bikes
Just couldn't get enough of those puddles
But on and on The Girl and The Boy rode
It was going to be a wet day
Might as well make it a fun and wet day
Further and further into the rain they rode
The road was wet and the rain kept coming down
Their parents told them not to go far
What did their parents know about far
They rode a Long far way down the roads
They did come to this place they knew about
Near where they would some times roast marshmallows
It is a covered rock over hang on the side
Of a creek bank up under the weeping willows
The radio did a blaring stint and The Boy Listened
Floods in the Area was the theme of the day
So they got out their lunch boxes and
Ate lunch out of the rain
You will see them again on wide adventures
Just you watch these pages

Happy Birthday Babe,



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