Thursday, April 27, 2017

Poem for her 147

Dear Readers,

Those kinda Days

Those days when you can't sleep
Though she does
Those days when she can't sleep
And you do
When the Phones that you use have dead batteries
When you go to turn on the lights and nothing happens
When the rains get so bad the yard is a swamp
When you just want to crawl back in bed
...But can't cause you have to do something
Those days when you give her a back rub and
...Then find out you all ran out of tea till a store run
Those kinds of days when you want to
...just go back to sleep and, Oh yeah already typed that line

Those kinda days when you sleep all day long
Have all that you need and then some
When everything is prefect and you love the rain
...Cause that means the job has been called off
Those kinda days when the eggs just are prefect
Those kinda days when the fireplace really warms you
...and you get to enjoy it all week long
Those kinda days when you know that first kiss

Will last a whole week long

Those kinda days when her touch sends you to sleep
...As you both cuddle the day away

Those Kinda days when May is just so near

Happy Birthday Babe,



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