Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Poem for her 153

Dear Readers,


The sky cracks open and the lights flicker
The poster wonders if the post will send before
His Lights go out, then smiles
Oh yeah he is writing his notes by pen and paper
The Thunder is booming outside as these lines appear
The rain is arriving again, seems May is also a shower month
The flowers are always in her eyes as she smiles
She wrote me a Love Note last night
We talked about it this morning
We talked a lot about it
Then we spoke a few more love notes back and forth
Then one of us went one way and the other another
The scenes where we are of of cold May showers
One day it is hot and summer like then a drift to winter
Swinging back and forth like a rocking porch swing
Kicking back our heels as we watch the rains
Wonder how high the pond will get and hold hands
Watching the Lights flicker in the sky
Safe from the roar of the thunder swinging to our own tune

Happy Birthday Babe,



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