Friday, April 28, 2017

Poem for her 148

Dear Readers,

Her Face

She looks at me sitting across from her
My hands on her hands
We haven't really moved to play the card game
But have been staring at each other for a while
Her face is something that I could
...Look at for hours
...Hold for hours
...Kiss for hours
She looks at me while I do the Eggs for breakfast
Asking with her eyes If she can help
I smile and say
I look at her and see the face that
...sleeps near me
...cuddles on the couch watching the fire
...smiles at me first on a spring day
Means a lot to me as I look at a photo I have
...She doesn't like the photo
...But I find it so much more
...Than anything I could hope to have
...That I couldn't have gotten her heart so
...Close in those eyes, if I have tried
Is something I can't take my eyes off of
...When we shop
...When we walk a pathway together
...When we just pause in our dancing
...When she sings
Her face is Glory shared with me

Happy Birthday Babe,



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