Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Poem for her 145

Dear Readers,

April Showers

Standing under the rain outside
Standing in the doorway as the rain falls
Standing in the shower in the cabin
Standing there together while pausing on a path
...As the storm drops the leaves near by but
...We don't have an umbrella so get soaked
Standing with huge towels trying to dry off
...before we wade into the house with dripping clothes
Standing at the counter thinking of what we want to buy
...More towels, or just a nicer Umbrella
Standing as we watch the rain fall outside
...Wishing we'd just go and dance in it
Standing in the rain of the April shower
...Then dancing to our own private music
Standing there any month of the year watching rain
Standing there paused between dances in May

Happy Birthday Babe,



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