Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Poem for her 152

Dear Readers,

Whoa dudes, up to the high numbers, I guess I could have started these as I have other poem series' but I kinda didn't expect to stop this chain of events, had in my mind a long long set of poems that all tied together to tell my Babe, How much I thought of her and to help brighten her days, even if most of her days were already bright. Though with age every day has it's ups and downs, and as we all know the internet has limits on what all it can store for later look up. But I have gotten to a number that means a bit more to me than just a big number. It holds a lot of meaning for me, The exit number to the area where I live on I-40 is 152 a & b. Just lots of things tied to it. She gets poems spoken to her, written in Emails Written on napkins, written in scrapbooks, every where I can write to her she gets them, plus this more public space. So sit back and enjoy another one, and all the others linked into this series for the Lady of the Garden of Forever and Always.

Kisses and Hugs

Hugs and Kisses repeated in the forward and reversed sign off
Of the day or call or Email Or in a letter or now
A Poem for Her in a note online for all to read
Dances in the dark room, as she is awake
And can't go back to sleep and Try as we might
The sounds of outside enter in and awaken us
So up we get and Dance the night a bit
Lay beside each other making the sore muscles fade
Massages long into the afternoon after to long walks
Things that might be achy because of age
And tummy upset due to many factors
So long Kisses and Hugs every time we meet again
After being away from the other even for a few hours
So, to welcome the other back to each other
They hold us for the minutes of being apart
Even if the day or hours are short
Kisses and Hugs and Hugs and Kisses
I might sign on and off with Love you Babe
Or Cuddles and Tickles and snigglies
I make up words and we discuss the day's events
Then we Try to get back to sleep
So the long day ahead has rest for us ready
But if the night is more sleepless than not
The words of encouragement to each other
Help us be that much more rested in Each other's arms
As we Hug and Kiss
And Kiss and Hug

Happy Birthday Babe,



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