Monday, April 24, 2017

Poem for her 144

Dear Readers,


The weekend away as one of us is ill
When we have things to do, but don't do them
When we take a nap but one of us wakes the other
The week away as it is full of rainy days
The night through but waking early and drinking hot tea
And going back to sleeping after the star show
Is a mild event that happens but for the waking bits
In each other's arms and being aware that we are
Is what I am wanting to do right now, but goes to
..grab her and get to her to be with me
Is the event of the day when we are finally tired
..and need to be doing it, even if part of us
..say that we could be doing something else
Is fun if you aren't ill or achy it's better while well
Together is how we like to do it
Off to bed now to snooze a while

Happy Birthday Babe,



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