Saturday, April 22, 2017

Poem for her 142

Dear Readers,


Fried crisp and eaten like bacon
Or on a sandwich of Tomato and Lettuce
Fried soft barely cooked just done enough
But sliced into bite sized bits
Savored for the fat and the taste
Bacon sliced and not cooked by frying
Dunked into boil watery broth simmered long
Pots of things added and the bacon a flavor
So soft after cooking that it melts in your mouth
Not much chewing required smoothly bacon
There are various kinds of bacon
With several that are name brands that just are
Then there is the saved Bacon greases but only some
Only the best flavored Bacon have grease saved
From fried Crisp to still almost raw they are
Enjoyed by us, and then there are other
Pork fat Bacon like products that might make it
Like Lardo which is just a seasoned cured Bacon Fat
High in Fat low in meat that is just hard to get
So in all this you would wonder why it is in this space
It is because I am a Chef and I like it, but that
She and I grew up loving BLT's And I still make them
For her and for me and I love her and we've been talking
About food and bacon today already and here goes Her

Happy Birthday Babe,



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