Friday, April 21, 2017

Poem for her 141

Dear Readers,

Orange Creme

The bucket of oranges sat there wondering
Which ones of them would be added to
The mixer and Whipping Cream
The mixer was wondering what the recipe was
The Chef was wondering what the recipe was
The Girl was wondering what it was all going to be
The mixture was done and the glasses filled
Then the Orange Creme Slushie was served
This new recipe might or might have had
Alcohol in it, or other things not listed
As the Recipe isn't one I have made
The thought of it is that I am eating
Something with the Orange Creme flavor
And I want to make it for her
And I want to have something Cold
And creamy and Orange like
And I am thinking of creating things with her
And I have bought more gear for the Picnic basket
And I am just a creative person
And I love her fully
And she is AWESOME

Happy Birthday Babe,



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