Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Poem for her 139

Dear Readers,

The Vacationing

We went on a vacation
We never came back
We met and never parted
We are not just a couple
We are a thing called HOME
We don't do things because
WE do things because
We can and we want too
But at times we have to
Do things that are there
Not on the vacation lists
but we have fun doing it
Even if someone else might not
Or See that something as a bother.
If we are Together in doing it
Then there is no bother doing it
Even if the doing of whatever is hard

We are on vacation forever
We are retired even if we do things
We are on vacation and having fun
We are retired and always active
We are never bored and never going places
Or we are always going places but
Never moving
We are something very special
Something that we were not
Before we met each other
And became
Together at HOME

Happy Birthday Babe,



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