Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Poem for her 138

Dear Readers,

Places, Spaces, Faces, Cases.

Places where she is are the Only places I want to be.
Spaces of time where I can not see her in the flesh
...Are never ending bits of waiting and wanting
...But they get resolved and we go on and on
Faces of the millions of people we have seen in our
...lives are filling our memories and dreams
...But her face is filled with longing and needing
...and a full on Love for me that has a habit
...Tuning out the other faces I might have seen.
Cases of scrapbook binders stored in a Chest
...Of paper that fits in the other notebooks
...things that come in small dozen or gross
...or reams of paper, so a case of the paper
Places Where she is are the only places I want to be,
...But some days I can only see the spaces in my text
...or see the distance on a map and know the time
...It'd take her to get back home and where she'll be
...When the places of facing her face is the only
...Case I want to be

Happy Birthday Babe



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