Thursday, August 21, 2008

The XYZ gene and where you are today

Dear Readers,

As some of you know I have talked in the past about the XYZ gene, this is further thoughts on it.

I believe in the Glory of Christ the Risen Savior. Everyone has GOD in him, but not everyone fully understands that they do. There will be people in your life that you will observe to be totally clueless about things that you will wonder where in the heck they got what they have and how in the world are they keeping it still. They just seem so neglectful of the blessings that they could have while they go about their lives that you want to scream at them to sit down and listen to how you understand Jesus Christ and how knowing him will help them be less clueless.

Pray for them, that they get the help they need to be made mindful that Jesus of long ago and today is The Christ, and with him all things are possible. Pray also that the next time you meet them the Lord will use you to influence them, but also that you will be mindful of keeping your witness on a level that they can use.

I believe that life is a Great Tapestry with a Predetermined Outcome. The Glory of GOD will be seen by everyone. There will be a Final Last Day for all the world, but there will be lesser last day for anyone not there on the Final Last Day. We would call that death of our human body, when our fellows put our body to rest in a grave, while our Soul goes on to see whatever God has planned for us after that fact. While we live though we are all threads being sown together by God, he is giving you Free Will, but in the End it does not matter you will still see HIM. Going through life like you do and having the free will to do just about anything you can think possible is great freedom. You still have to conform to the Laws of your fellow man, but even there you can if you want to do anything at all, just check the newspaper for people doing just that. Free Will means that you have your own mind there to help you decide what to do next. But do try to understand that no matter what you do go about and do, you will one day die and Meet GOD. The Mysteries of God as we are told in the Bible are beyond our understanding, God is there sowing the threads together, but letting you be your own guide and though it seems to totally be random chance that things happen, if you look close enough you can see a pattern showing up if you look backward.

I try to look at the leading edge of this great Tapestry and see the Event Horizon. The XYZ gene in full play, God working in past lives and the present and how he might work in the future for some people, though I don't worry about that future.

That is where the XYZ gene comes into play you can't scope it out with anything modern, there is the simple knowledge that everyone has that they are a part of something, even if they don't know what that something is but it is so ingrained in them that no matter how hard they try to cut it out of their lives they just can't. No matter how many times we work on gene splicing and cut out the genes causing Cancer and other things that kill us, we'd never be able to even find the XYZ gene and get rid of it in a fetus.

God is in everyone. Not everyone knows that He is there. They might never know Him, might hear all about that guy from long ago called Jesus, but never know Him as the Savior. Christians see this as a sad event, something we would pray that would not happen, knowing that God our Father does not want this to happen either, but none the less there will be some people that just never make it to the point of Trusting Jesus.

In the end You have to have decided whom do you trust, whom do you follow, and whom will you go to in your times of need.

My Prayer usually starts this way; Dear Father, Forgive me for I have sinned Greatly. Increase my Faith, and Increase my Trust. ....... Then whatever else is said, mostly with a lot of thanks for the wonderful day I have had enjoying the surfing I have done on the Event Horizon of my life.

Your Brother in Christ,


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