Friday, August 22, 2008

Jesus Walked on Air

Dear Readers,

Happy Friday.

I went to a Concert last night, Kenny Loggins at the Little Rock River Market Amphitheatre. We were unable to see the whole concert because Barbara Kay, my 3rd ex-wive, was having breathing problems and so we left, no big deal. He walked into the crowd during a song and touched his audience.

Jesus was so needed by people that when he went anywhere, they stayed back, but they wanted to touch him, knowing some of them that just touching him would heal them.

Love is that way, walking down the street some people just ooze love vibes, people will walk up to them and act like friends. The Love Vibe guy or gal, will just keep on doing what they do and you notice they don't mind the people just trying to get a buck off them, or a smoke, or some other freebie, they ooze love so much that nothing seems to bother them.

I told you yesterday that I Pray for Trust and Faith. I Prayed for no rain last night. It rained, but only enough to soak, not drench, cool not chill, and made for good fun watching others panic and leave the concert which really turned into a great one, if they had only stayed a little longer, had a little more faith that the rain was going away like I did, I looked west, seeing the sun I knew sooner or later, no rain, just wait it out.

I also Pray to show Love to everyone; a kind word, knowing someones name even though you might not be their friend you know their name, speaking to as many people as I can, waving to my neighbors or people driving into or out of my neighborhood regulars or not, giving extra tips to waiter people even if the service was underpar ( the tips they live on, and they might be having a rushed or bad day back in the kitchen, no reason to be mean to them, service is a hard job), I thank as many Church workers as I can find, thanking them for their service, and I smile at everyone I meet and make eye contact with just about anyone that is looking my way.

It is the little things that grow into big things. We usually are not given the faith to move a mountain right off the bat, but we are given faith to believe that Jesus is Lord, then asking for more faith and more trust does surprising things, you see the changes that take place, you can actually see where you have changed over time. I don't worry about much, when I do I pray and let it go, Matthew chapter 6 verses 25 to 34 and this whole area of the bible is Jesus talking and telling us what we need to do to be better at Loving him and Loving others. In the verses we are told not to worry, and though it has taken me years to get to where I am, others do notice a carefree attitude that I have, even when they don't meet me the first time. Next time or later as they get to know me at my regular haunts they tell me about it.

Worry about Nothing, and Pray about Everything.

Your Brother in Christ,


Blogger Charles Edward Owens Jr. said...

It still works still after almost 7 years doing it!!!

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