Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Plays on words part 2

Having talked to several of my friends about my play Mr. S. Clause today I am starting to get the good vibes that most of us writers would love to get from our readers, but because we are so tied to our stories we at times don't tell anyone about them we don't get the vibes till after the work is completed.

I got more sleep than I thought I would last night, which helps the creative juices flow a bit faster than normal, unless I am on a hyper roll, when I really need to download my mind into a mental recorder and just play that back later for everyone to see.


Scene, Satan and Santa fighting over who gets the hammock.

Yelling in a loud voice Satan says, MINE!
You hear a loud thump
Nothing moves on stage, the hammock is still, the form lying in it just lays there.

Click of a lighter,
Loud muttering and then a soft voice says.
" Do you have to smoke so much?"
" Ok, but make sure you don't burn my shirt when you smoke like that."
"What do you care? I smoke my own way, and I don't really care if you like it or not."

Seconds later there is another click of a lighter and a Flame.

Loud howling ensues, then singing off key, and few swear words, and then a Loud OUCH.

The hammock rocks for a second or two then goes still again, just about as you hear the lighter click open and see a flame.


I am still wanting to add a few add lib comments to the discussion, or at least write out a few of the more colorful ones that I think of along the way.

3 acts, and Scene names written out so that the readers in the Theatre can see the puns, even if you don't see them in the play as much as you would in the written script.

More later.


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