Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Recipes From the Edge -- Cookbook for the Future

Recipes from the Edge.

This is an ongoing work of Non-fiction. I am still discovering new things in the food world that I have never grown or cooked or tasted or even known about. A cookbook of a kind. We are nearing an edge of the world as we know it, at times many of us actually know we are heading for this edge. None of us know when we will get there though. I have been hunting down foods that I can find in the wilds, hunting down recipes, trying these foods in my own recipes. I thought I should share with you what I have been discovering on my journey.

A recent article I was reading mentioned.

“ After all, out of some 6,000 cultivated species of plants, only a small fraction—perhaps nine or ten, such as the most commonly grown species of the cereals rice, wheat, maize, and millet; beans, especially soybeans; and several tuber and root crops, including potatoes, sweet potatoes, manioc, and taro—constitute the backbone of our plant’s agriculture.”1. (1.)

This idea is scary. We depend on these few plants and have forgotten for the most part what other riches the plant community has to offer.

The site listed above, was found while I was doing research for the Jicama. A tuber vegetable, I have been eating off and on for several years raw for its crisp juicy slightly sweet flesh. Up until two weeks ago I had never eaten it cooked. What I found when I cooked it in a stir-fry of left over vegetables amazed me. It was still crisp. In fact it was still crisp after heating the leftovers in the microwave. Anyone that has reheated food in the microwave knows if it was crisp going in, it’s not going to be crisp coming out again. Surprise. Jicama is crisp.

The above site lists many uses for this vegetable, in several of its species. What more can I find out when I can actually grow the Jicama myself? As of this writing I am still, hunting down seeds, species names, sources of recipes, places in my yard I could grow it, where in the USA it can grow, and many other things. I will post more as I get more information. About this and other plants that we will all learn about when we hunt for Recipes from the Edge.


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