Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Poem for her 260

Dear Readers,

90 million years,

Was the time long ago
That he dreamed of her
Standing there
Holding out her hand
The misty mind
In distant Chimes
Stretched a long way off
But she was there
Smile glowing
Language only they knew
She had dreams too
They were just as old
They both held on
The days flashed
And the days crashed
They wore on and on
The millions of years
Passed and slow
Felt that nothing was
Going to be
One kiss
Brought it all flooding back
The frame froze
The parking lot cold
Snow on the edges
She got that kiss
Left hand
The dream seeped back
The days now
Long and etched
With need to be
Yet it still seems
Dreamy this Tea
Soft and warm
Flows into her cup
He rubs her hands
Laces fingers
The hands merge
The years
One Long Kiss

Happy Birthday Babe,



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