Saturday, July 15, 2017

Poem for her 236

Dear Readers,


She likes to stand under the water and soak
So Our cabin shower allows her to do just that
The water is in an on demand system that
Heats the water as it flows and won't
Ever run out of hot water glowing
So her showers can be as long as she likes them
Since I like several kinds of water flow
We have several settings
Waterfall is one I like the water splashes
Down from a long shelf and crashes on you
Or the summer shower which is a lot of drops
All spread out over a wide area some heavier
The pulse heads and the fine mist fogs
Also features to add to the experience
The water source is natural and it returns
To a swamp bed room of the greenhouse
So it goes in a return cycled system
The showers were geared to give us both
What we wanted and more than that
A place to find water comfort when the
Days are long and bumpy or just
Normal and fun but with a soothing shower
To make the extra time under water Better

Happy Birthday Babe,



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