Friday, July 14, 2017

Rachel of Cardholder Services.

Dear Readers,

Just now that call came in, it is a local number so you pick it up, thinking it is the friend that lost their phone and had to get a new number. But it is that Lady's voice, she is telling you that your Credit Cards are not over due or even out of Print, but that you can get help with.....yada yada . Now I have gone to the trouble a few times to actually get to a living person in a busy phone center then they start asking for all those things your credit card company might ask for but then that isn't the whole of it, they want to sell you a service that is..................... Um I can not say it is a scam but it feels like one. But it might be perfectly Legal what they are doing. But this is not the missive of the post though it is the inductive of the post, as I was about to sit down and write a story about the White card anyway.

So with out further ado.


The White Card.

The Clerk was a bit ticked off this homeless person was trying to pass off some kind of scam on him, and he had just motioned for security to be ready to handle things, when the Hotel Manager walked out of his office. Doug, thought he was going to have a heart attack this was the worst day of his life right this second, trying to make a great first week impression, and then this homeless person showed up, and then the call from his girlfriend, and then the car wreck this morning that put him 4 minutes late.

The Manager came to the desk and then said.

"Hello Mr. Danner, So good to see you again. It has been a while since you have visited us, I thought that there might have been some troubles on one of your trips."

The homeless man looked a bit worn out and his hair was matted and there was bugs crawling on his shirt sleeves and there seemed to be putrid flies flying about his head and the scent coming off him was making Doug want to throw up.

"Hello Alfred, It has been a long time hasn't it?"

Doug was shocked again, He knew the manager's first name himself, but no customer was ever given that private information, company policy.

The Homeless man said. "Doug here is about to learn about my method of payment, He has been doing a stand up job so far, he was about to call American Express and confirm the card's Coded number, though I think he still might need some help with the prefix codes."

The manager laughed. He knew that Doug was not doing any of that and that security had been called and that Joseph the Hotel's Chief had sent two of his most well informed and that they were keeping the smiles off their faces concerning the whole affair at the front desk.

"Thank you, Mr. Danner, I will be sure to make a note in Doug's record of your praise of his care giving helpfulness."

Doug had to blink a few times and not look at Mr. Danner, as the flies were starting to bother him and the smell still about to make him sick.

.... Authors note.... Yes Mr. Danner looked like a homeless man a lot, and today was one of the more prone times and even though Alfred knew he sometimes looked like this we might later find out that this time shocked even Alfred, even though he doesn't say so to the fact right now.........

The Homeless man looked at Doug and smiled. And said, "Doug, I am sorry for my appearance but I have been to hell and back the last few weeks. The bugs won't bother anyone else as soon as I get a shower and a change of clothes. I tend to arrive here looking like the garbage heap was drug through me, as it is the nature of my business at times."


End of this segment of the story

Tune in soon to get more bits of the odd life of the world's richest Man. Also seen in "The Safe Safe" and other stories.

May you have the Peace of Christ.



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