Friday, July 14, 2017

Poem for her 235

Dear Readers,

She smiles

As I write a line on a napkin
As I tug at her belt loops
As she sees me get out the mint tea
As she watches me paint by the numbers
..On the t-shirt she will wear soon
As I warm her hands in from the cold
As I run the roll sweeper not the vacuum
As I bake potatoes for her lunch
As I butter some graham crackers and
..Get the picnic basket ready for next time
As I open the flyer to a new winery
As I turn down the bed and fluff her pillow
As I turn on the lights when we leave
As I motion to the dance floor
As I pick up the phone and say hello babe
As I talk to her all morning from midnight
As I kiss her ankles and massage her feet
As I tap the table and we go back to playing
As I write another note to her that says

Happy Birthday Babe,



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