Thursday, July 13, 2017

Poem for her 233

Dear Readers,

Pond in summer

She doesn't like to swim in the pond
But she likes the pond
We made one in the city house back yard
We made one in the yard of the cabin
She will wade in them and get the beach ball
If we are playing beach ball bingo
Or other fun Pond games
The fish in the city pond are friendly
They are several that I used to keep
They eat the natural foods ponds have
We like the ponds in winter too
The pond in the woods can freeze over
Not sure I'd trust going skating on it
Unless it's been cold cold for a while
Hard to imagine cold cold after a hot summer
The days wear on and the trees sweat
The shirts stick to us and we both complain
Then I spray her with some ice water and
She giggles about the same time she
Splashes me with the ice too
So now our shirts stick for different reasons
But we are cool finally and winter is just near
Over there in the sun beams of the future months

Happy Birthday Babe,



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