Sunday, July 09, 2017

Poem for her 230

Dear Readers,

Afternoon Naps

Seems the dog days of summer are here
The wind stops, the clouds roll in
The sleepy eyes drift up to the face
And snoozing for a nap is all I think about
Well all I think about but Her
She is there on her laptop and I want
Things that have to wait
As the rain is not here yet
As the snow in winter is not here yet
So Off to a nap I go
She sits there smiling as I drift past
Kisses my fingers as I stand for seconds
There to tell her of my plan
To go on an afternoon Nap
Just over there on yonder bed
She has things to do but smiles
And nods to my query
I'll dream for both of us then
And when night fall happens
Will draw her close
And share the dreams
With long embrace

Happy Birthday Babe,



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