Thursday, May 11, 2017

Poem for her 160

Dear Readers,


Her skin felt the sparks as my hands
Touch hers, and I draw her left hand up
Kissing it, Not as we had thought but
Still as we thought, just in a Parking lot
Not the doorway of thought plans
Sparks flow when she walks into the area
They fly when I see her in the store
Over there just out of verbal range
But I can see her turn my way
Sparkles go off as her face lights up
I feel the heat rise up just knowing her
The sparks fly when her hand touches mine
The fire of a kiss is not unlike Lightening
The sky fills and the thoughts thunder
Sparks of her are always powerfully felt
I first saw her there and noticed her
Saying Hi, and the electricity ran up
Sparks sizzle over the day long touching
Never ease even when we are apart
Always and Forever there, Present.

Happy Birthday Babe,



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