Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Poem for her 158

Dear Readers,

The Mirror

Her reflection was there
Standing in the Mirror
Clothes that she was trying on too
Seen by me standing off to one side
In several different angles
I have always said
Love you standing there
Reflecting your bright lights
Back out at me when you stand there
In front of a mirror
Smile at your reflection

So today when she is trying on new things
When she is trying on things I
Picked out for her
I am thinking

Thoughts I have every time I have seen her
Now overwhelming to me as I am happy
She likes the color I picked
She is older today than ever before
As we all are, but today
She is younger than ever before too
Her age is never very old
And never very young
Always fresh only today is counted

Mirrors have a way of slicing time
Out of the frame and placing
Timelessness in it's place
She is brand new today
In the outfit I picked out for her
As we are shopping for the day
And picking out things for later
When we get back to the cabin
And learn the new dance steps
We created for the song we made

Happy Birthday Babe,



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