Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Poem for her 157

Dear Readers,

Story Time

When the night is just starting
I take a minute and clear my mind
Then I tell her a story
It might have Turnips and Daisies
Or butter and crackers in it
There are always something
Odd and fitting
For her at the time
To ease the day away
To slow her day to a smooth flow
Of calming verses
I might reverse thoughts
And sing a bit
Or ask her questions
And flow sideways
The story time is never the same
Never every night
But try as I might
I take any fright
Out of her
I replace it with Hope and Home
Give her something to dream
Long and sure about
Then I tell her
Things that Only she knows
And hug her with the words I use
I flirt about her with sounds
And images of Sweet Nothings
I Love You

Happy Birthday Babe,



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