Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Odd thoughts on a Tuesday, No wait it's Thursday

Dear Readers,

The joke among my family and friends at least ones locally is that it is always Tuesday, unless of course on Tuesday, when it is Thursday. So there are only two days of the week, both beginning with T, and only one Thursday. It makes life much simpler, less confusing and saves time, at least for me, everyone else has to suffer, I never have a Monday, nor a Friday. So that explains the title to this post. Laughs. Not that you would ever agree with me and might want to throw me out of your car if we were talking about this as we(you) drove down the road. I find it funny and often laugh at it all.

People who know me, might find it funny that I even try to explain my humor to others, as they would tell you, that it's odd, never seeming to have a rhyme or a reason, and that if I am blue, or you are blue I can always seem to make one of us laugh about something, even if it takes me being totally silly and childish about something to get you or me there. But if you are blue, I'd wonder why you'd used spray paint on your hair first, then ask for a pulse check second.

Three story lines seem to be rolling about in my head, and if I write one, it'll get all serious and odd in here, but if I write the other ones, the walls might glow in the dark on the only Thursday of my week. Which would be bad, Tuesday would get jealous and they'd fight, for who knows how long, you know days of the week always trying to one up themselves on how bad they can make you feel. So here goes the "lights out" story.


At least the dishes weren't piled up he thought, but then there was not much water to wash with either, only enough to drink, and a simple sponge bath. He was glad he'd gotten that LifeSaver water filter when he did. Opening cans and using a spoon to eat out of them cold was normal now, or rather it had always been okay, now it was a near on have to case. He could burn green wood, but he was letting it dry and age for winter and didn't want to waste wood just for hot food. The shivers started again and he sat down on the couch in the dark living room.

What had they said on that old mud game he used to play, that it couldn't happen like this. Well it didn't, really it didn't, but then again, something did go wrong, he just didn't really know what it was, as he couldn't get anywhere, or didn't want to hike to the next town or much further than the next few streets over. The nights were silent and dark the skies filled with stars, more than he'd seen in ages. Why was he here in the dark living room?

The age old questions, "Why am I here?", "Am I alone?" seemed cold and mute in the silence. He knew he was alone, and he knew why he was here.

The Light hit the window and seemed to startle him out of his dream and cold shivers ached his back as he was blinded for a second, or was it more. He couldn't move and when he looked around he knew why.

The straps held him tight and his head could only see a bit of the room, where was he?

A Man walked into view and then a Woman too. They both smiled, but said nothing.

He opened his mouth to say something but found he couldn't speak, so he blinked several times and stopped then slowly blinked one, pause, then two times.

They still looked at him with those frozen smiles and he began to worry.

The Man said in a nice English accented voice. "He is such a nice specimen, almost all the other humans are gone now. I hope we can find out where they went and what happened to them."

The Woman spoke but her voice was strange and reedy like a pine cone on concrete, but much worse, thin hardly any depth to it. "He is the cause, we found his notes. His book explains it all."

All he could think of was how he wanted to be alone again, all alone. So he closed his eyes again.

The primal whining of the alarm woke him up.

He rolled out of bed and looked around the large cabin of his spaceship and thought that was a horrible dream.

Outside the window of the ship there is a gleam of something, that he can't see, only you dear reader do, and in that gleam you see the shape of a man and a woman, looking in with odd smiles on their faces.


Now Tuesday doesn't have to be jealous of Thursday, they will both shiver in the cold of an Arkansas winter's day.

Off to think happy thoughts about that new LifeSaver filter I want to buy before my trip into space next week.

Your brother in Christ,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I understood this post better today, after a good 7 hours of sleep. It was a pleasure meeting and talking with you last night.


8:00 AM  

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