Friday, October 22, 2010

Thought Puzzle

In several stories over the years I have had people who were or became very rich, both money and otherwise, land, space ships, planets etc.

In today's world, the one we are living in right now. What would happen if someone were to come along and be able to buy up and control the big corporations?

I am talking someone who behind the scenes does so, buying stocks, bonds and land, in big enough amounts that soon his actions get noticed. How much would he have to buy up before people in the wall streets and power halls of the world take notice.

In several conversations I have had in the past we talked about this, but the issues of today has been making me think on my idea of a king of the world kind of figure, who rules with kindness rather than greed. Taking over corporations would be a first start, and what would be the issues to transpire of someone doing that.

It ties into the fact that when Jesus was on earth, he said he was not going to be the earthly king that the Jews wanted him to be, freeing them from roman rule and such. But what if a Christ like person were to show up and try to rule that way, what sort of issues would he have to struggle with himself and with others, especially those people who think they run things on earth today, or at least have the power and wealth to run things in a greedy and selfish manner.

Just thought I'd put that out there for people to think about and, you can leave comments, or email me at ceojr1963 at yahoo. com

Hugs and the Peace of the Lord to you.


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