Saturday, September 04, 2010

SaMe aim's to please you the sameold way twice as better

Same's the games of sames, or oldies, and nudes, and ?


Sam's yep the old card is mine again just drop 40 large

Large for moe?


Damn, that is heavy dude.


The penny on hte face of it is the same heads or tails, or have that been shachrages, schanged was well

....---...-a;lkjf;alkj ijkl;ja jsajfpajkw aafpsaajsjf poasufjkj'afspoalj;fj';apo

Yes Sir,
YE S SIR YE SIR YES SIRSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS the blurrrrs by you might be me walking the fine line

Between hrere thant that and there and where the f do you think, come back here you littel white ball, rolling on the table.

Corner Stone Bar and Grill I do monday nights leaque para dox practice, with mike kent and the boys of flight 2016..... or hummmm names got to pick a good one for us.

FIRE angles

Fire Angels gather gather gather gartherer, yes sir meet me, greet me, beat meif you can, do the angels angles sire's of the scum of the earth.

Bleedingme dry and the fire alarms blow by my togue on fire, 3 stitches in time save 9 in the hole every time.

Or is that laid down this is 9 or 8 ball, hummmmms pocketrs which pocket are the fire brands

Which the smokes which the flame where is fire angel monday nights

YOu guessed it.

YOU just read it right did you not


Devilly yours,

Sanata you ar the rockstar cafe in time.

It's in the locks boxed, open the locks, click it or kit it ticket

Yours, in Christ's Name


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