Thursday, October 21, 2010

The business card of tomorrow.

I was standing outside one of my investments, when an old friend showed up. I was surprised that he was working on a Sunday. But there he was, walking down the sidewalk plain as day.

"Tommy", I said.

He looked up and smiled.

"What you doing here man? I thought they banned you from all of downtown?"

"Yeah well it seems that I can go some places just not others. The police that know me, have not said a word about me being here, just not where you work, Or in the place next door to here. So I am just looking in on one of my investments, while also shooting some pool and getting a beer to drink." I indicated the business I was standing in front of, and the one two doors down where I was still trying to get together with the owners to buy it up and fix that little problem.

"So I heard that you have seen, or at least done business with Franklene and her coffee house."

"Yeah, I had to get coffee for my lawyer's and the accountant's offices they had ran out. I buy all their coffee supplies, seems only fair that I do something more for them than keep them in business." I laugh.

"Man, I got's to run, nice seeing you." He said as he was moving away from me.

"Hold up Tommy, I got a few things for you." Out of my pocket I took a folded hunk of money, on the outside was One's and on the inside were the Hundreds. I peeled off 12 of the C notes. Handed him 10 first.
"I was meaning to get with you the next time I had money, but then it'd have been about 50, since then I have gotten a bigger chunk of change, so here is the tip now, that I am richer. "

Then I handed him the last 2 hundreds. "These are for Franklene when you see her , tell her they are a tip I forgot to give her on my coffee order, she'll moan and complain, I goad her with giving her tips like this, she never did like it much."

Then I reach into my pocket again and pull out a new Business card, with my company logo on the front. In a nice background of blues and greens and a wash of seascapes around the edges, and nothing on back. I hold it up to him so he can read the front then, still with my fingers on the edges I turn it over to show him the blank backside.

"Here Joey, put your thumb down hard." He does so, with an odd look on his face.
"Recognize new owner." I say with a smile.
"Take your thumb off the card and then replace it again." And he does this with more of an odd look on his face.
"Confirm new owner." I say, and 3 seconds later the back of the card blinks sea green and then blue.
"There you go, the card is yours. Now take your thumb away. Anytime you want to see what is on the back you tap it twice with any finger and the first page will show up."

I have him do just that. After he taps the back of the card the first page with all my contact information appears. I tell him to swipe his finger and he'll get the second page.

"The card has about 100 pages of info and neat stuff about the company on it, but the second page tells you how to use the features of the card, if you want to close the card either just put it down and it will close on it's own in 5 seconds, or you can tap it 5 times. Neat huh?"

His eyes light up as he reads and starts playing with the features, Then he gasps when he hears music and talking, from the movie feature he just opened up.

"What in the world, is this thing, looks like one of the newest phones, but it is a business card and it is so light and geesh, how the hell did you do this?"

"State secret, sorry I can't tell you how I did it, But here let me show you another feature."

I take the card by the edges and then I try and touch the back of the card and the screen goes white again, nothing there, just the name and my logo on the front. I hold the card and get out my zippo and light it up. I try for a while to burn the card, after a bit longer than needed to have burned a paper card, or at least heated up a metal card, I stop. I touch the card in the burn zone.

"It is not even hot or has soot on it. Neat huh? I have lots of these I give out to people when I want to impress them. It always makes them listen to me a bit harder than they might have been at first. I am further along the business road than most people."

"How did you do this." He asks again.

"It's a kind of magic." I smile and just shake my head. "I told you all, I was richer than you thought I was, now I got the money to make my ideas happen. Wait till you read about the newest generation of the next big thing, you'll see my company logo on it. Then remember, it's me behind it, and in time the freedoms I have talked about will be real."

I give him a hug and then turn and walk away, back inside the pool hall, leaving him standing there.

"Call me." I say.


The business card idea came to me in another storyline, but I wrote this bit, just a while ago, while thinking about an old friend and wanting to tell him about my BioWebScape Design project.

The card is closer than it was years ago, what with new materials and technologies that have cropped up recently, so look for one of these to show up soon, in the hands of someone you know, just around the corner, or on the flip side of the penny you pick up.

Hugs and the Lord's Peace to you all.


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