Friday, October 08, 2010

The billionaire who came to dinner

The diner was not a small place about 50 tables and they were placed in a pattern that made no sense when you looked at it from eye level. But when you got up on the second floor and looked down you saw a flower with a flower inside it and other neat patterns you just wanted to look at it all day. The second floor was treated about the same way but instead of just tables you had a very long buffet table with lots of room on both sides to walk and what looked like a feast sized gathering of extras along the walls where other dishes could be set out.

Joe came into the place at about 3 am, surprised that a restaurant would be open at this time of night and he was surprised to actually see people sitting at some of the tables. What struck him the most was that he knew some of these people. They were homeless just like he was, and they were eating as if they had money and they didn't he knew them well enough to know if they had had money they'd be out drinking it.

He just stood there for a time and was about to turn to leave, when a hostess came up to him with a friendly smile on her face and said.

" Where would you like to be seated, we have a lot of room tonight as you can see."

His mind was a bit flustered how could she even think he'd be able to pay the bill for a spread like this.

" Um, I can't afford food, I was just wondering if you had a bathroom I could use."

"No worries, the food is free, order whatever you like, and the bathroom is in the back right down the right hand wall." She said as she pointed that way.

"Free! You can't be serious?"

"Oh Yes! I am, the owner is a billionaire that loves people and food, and thought what a nice way to help others enjoy food but to feed them the feasts that only a billion dollars could buy. So yes, find a seat after you get out of the bathroom and see what you might want us to make for you this evening." She smiled and gave him a hug to push her point home and turned and left him standing there agape.


I wrote the scenes of this story about 2 years ago, I just kept them in my composers place, my mind's eye and worked on bits of the story whenever I was reminded of this kind of thing. As I was telling my brother the other day, I have composed a lot of stories, months and months worth of books, but I have not gotten the time or energy to put them in print, but having seen something that reminded me of this I post this now. The scene above is just a taste of the storyline, but you get the picture for now.

Many of my stories are written from the point of view of a very ultra rich individual who is walking about the world helping people feel the Love of Christ in odd ways, and at times also stirring up a bit of angst amoung those that think they are rich, as the character is so rich, his wealth has not been counted recently. As a child I thought what it would be like to be a Trillionaire and then started this line of thinking in several stories of science fiction and general fiction like this one.

Money is not everything, this person I have patterned myself around, in that I could get by without money at all, living off the land in such a way as to be in a house and look like I had money, but everything was given to me in trade and or just plain given to me for services in return, no money needed.

Once I gave every bit of money I had away every day for over a year, I had income on a daily basis, but I'd end up buying a few things and giving the rest away, I still can't be trusted as my dad says to not give my money away to every tom, dick and sally, I meet in the world. People I know often ask me why I have this give it all away attitude. I answer it is not mine, God gave it to me to give away to those that I find that need it, I have usually tried to not give it away to people who would waste it on things that were bad for them, but I can't tell if they might not spend it on those bad things or not, as I have given it to people who were on the outside standup people, but I knew they had desires that money could buy and this was a free buck that could be used for it. I left that up to them, I just gave it away anyway. It used to drive one lady crazy that I gave her tips when she was the only one working in her shop, as she was the owner and did not need the money, but I'd say, I can't leave here with money in my pocket, sorry, you'll just have to take it.

I am richer than I look. I have the whole world out my front door, feeling that it's mine for the asking if I were to really think about it, I could have all of it that someone else did not own. Like the clouds and the sky and the breeze and bugs and birds and the butterflies, all mine.

May you have the peace of Christ.


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